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Tot Spot Academy Inc. is a fully accredited Montessori inspired childcare program in St. Albert that follows an emergent, play-based curriculum with strong roots in Holistic Education. We believe that all children are capable learners when given the opportunity to practice and explore in an enriched environment with loving and supportive caregivers. At Tot Spot Academy our mission is to create a premier child-centered daycare.

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Our Rooms & Classes

Months Old
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Baby Room

The baby room is an introduction to childcare. Babies are encouraged to explore their surroundings with the support of their caregiver.

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Toddler Room

Toddlers begin building their independence skills as they explore their stimulating, purposefully designed environment in a small group.

Months Old
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Preschool Room

The Preschool Room is an engaging setting filled with open-ended toys and activities that promote critical thinking and problem solving.

Holistic Approach to Development

Tot Spot Academy strives to follow a holistic approach to education and create happy, healthy lifelong learners. We will nurture their emotional well being, foster their psychological awareness and strengthen their physical skills. We view all of these areas of child development as being interconnected and strive to integrate a variety of skills and concepts into each unit and lesson. Our goal is to enrich the whole child in an environment where teachers prepare and preplan activities only as far as to initiate open ended inquiry. From there children engage in a variety of authentic learning tasks that are stimulating, of personal interest and often have a variety of “correct” answers with no predetermined outcomes. Much of this learning comes from opportunities to play. Play that isn’t scripted. Play that isn’t adult directed. Play that isn’t cut short due to time restraints; good old fashion play. At Tot Spot Academy, play is at the forefront of holistic development.

Physical Development

Tot Spot Academy encourages children to get messy, climb, run and explore their environment. We believe that children need to take calculated risks, self-assess their skills and put their bodies to work. By encouraging and modeling a healthy lifestyle through both what we eat and getting enough physical activity, we can create a healthier generation of adults. To help promote fine and gross motor development, we participate in a variety of movement and sensory activities as well as an assortment of crafts.  These activities are carefully chosen to help improve children’s dexterity based on their developmental age and abilities. Some examples of these gross motor activities are: an introduction to a variety of sports, obstacle courses, building with large objects and trips to our local playground to climb, leap, balance, and run. Some examples of our fine motor activities are: using clothespins and cotton balls to paint, stickers, colouring, scooping, pouring, mixing, cutting, and gluing.


Social Development

Tot Spot Academy fosters the social development of children by encouraging acceptance and modeling “good friend” behaviour. Staff encourage participation, accept a range of ideas and suggestions and demonstrate inclusive behaviours. To help teach appropriate social behaviours, the children are introduced to the “Super Flex” Social thinking program.


Intellectual Development

We believe that children learn best through a play based curriculum. Our tots are actively engaged in the process of learning with the goal of creating lifelong learners.  Although concepts are directly taught during daily circle and at preschool time, the majority of our learning is fostered through play. Staff help facilitate learning by answering questions, prompting students to try different things when they are seeking answers, and by interacting positively with the children. For example: When playing in the flower shop dramatic play station, a staff member may ask a toddler “can you please pass me those red roses?” This models an appropriate way to ask for something, teaches the child the color and type of flower. Another example could take place at the block station: a staff member sees a child becoming upset that her tower keeps tipping over. They may say “I wonder if there is a way that we can support the base to create a stronger tower so that it will stay standing?” We believe that children learn best when they are interested and engaged in topics. Although many of our themes are predetermined, children are encouraged to ask questions to expand the themes. For example: All three rooms may be doing a bear theme; one room may branch off into discovering the behaviours of bears, another room may focus on the animals in the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” while the third room may work on creating their own bear caves.

focused girl

Creative Development

Tot Spot Academy believes that art, dramatic play and music are essential parts of child development. Art happens in a variety of ways. The play dough sculpture that one child makes is a form of art, as is the painting another child is working on. We have art materials readily available throughout the day and we encourage the children to engage with the materials in ways that they see fit. Although we do create some “following directions” art projects, many of our activities are process oriented allowing the children an opportunity to explore, engage and interact with their surroundings as they see fit.

Children are exposed to a variety of different songs and types of music throughout the day. Children’s action songs are sung during circle time while other playlists such as classical music can often be heard playing throughout the day. We expose the children to a variety of instruments and provide them with opportunities to try and play them. Through books, small world play centers, puppet shows and felt boards, the children are exposed to a variety of different story telling methods.


Emotional Development

At Tot Spot Academy we work to foster the emotional development of children by modeling honesty, forgiveness and respect. We believe that children need an opportunity to express their emotions and encourage and support them to do so in a constructive manner. Children in our centre will be still developing impulse control and emotional regulation. The first years of a child’s life are critical for shaping their long-term cognitive, emotional and social behaviours.


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Our Space

Tot Spot Academy is committed to creating a fun, enriched childcare environment!

  • Space is bright, clean and child friendly
  • We are designed to promote independence
  • Toys and furniture are new and kept in outstanding condition
  • Children have access to a variety of toys and materials


Tot Spot Academy is committed to creating a safe environment. Locked doors prevent unknown people from entering our center. A sprinkler system, alarm system and fire alarm all help to keep the staff and children at Tot Spot Academy Safe.


We are determined to create a childcare center that your child wants to attend. Our hands-on staff engage with the children, building meaningful relationships. We have scheduled days which helps to maintain excitement and the novelty of our center.


Tot Spot Academy is a learning-through play, Montessori inspired daycare. We see every moment as a learning opportunity.