We’re excited about the upcoming change to our childcare program. But with change comes questions. 
Yes, we’re moving to a new location. Yes, we’re increasing numbers. Yes, we’re hiring staff members. 

What’s important to note despite the changes: -Programming will not change. This is something that I am passionate about and extremely committed to. Our weekly themes will continue but in our daycare we will be able to differentiate our plan based on the three different rooms. For example: All three rooms may be studying bears. All three rooms may have teddy bear picnics, read various books about bears, talk about bears, etc. What is different is the baby room may work on simple animal identification while using the book “Brown Bear Brown Bear”, the toddler room may be learning about characteristics of bears and the preschool room may be recreating their own bear habitats. The three rooms allow us to continue with our programming but better meet the needs of the children in each room. Yes, all three rooms will still have circle. 

-Staff must have similar childcare values and beliefs. We believe in creating a loving environment. We believe that all children are capable and we are committed to hiring only the best. Remember we have a vested interest; our children are in the program and we are HANDS ON in the rooms every day. We need to jive with our co-workers. ‘

-We’re committed to serving healthy, whole foods for lunch and snacks. Unfortunately we had to drop our breakfast program as we’re unable to maintain staff to student ratios if one staff member is running back and forth to the kitchen to prepare food. It also means that our staff members are tied up with serving breakfast which does not allow them to greet the children at the door. Instead: parents are welcome to supply a simple breakfast such as cereal which will be served in the room and we will up our morning snack (eggs, pancakes, yogurt and granola, etc). 

-Our days are going to continue to be structured much like they already are. Every room will participate in arts/crafts, sensory bins, dramatic play stations, structured circle and small group times as well as a variety of other activities. Staff interaction will remain high. We are committed to creating an elite, child-centered program.

-We will still be there… Every day (or very close to every day). This is our career, this is our dream, this is our passion. To have things run like we want Kaitlyn and I will remain very hands on. We love our current day home kids and we want to continue those relationships and bonds. We will be there to help them form new bonds with the other caregivers while maintaining our current relationships. 

  • You will still find out about your child’s day. We are joining a new reporting program called Brightwheel. Parents will receive pictures and information about their child throughout the day through the app. Don’t worry, the pictures and information will be loaded through each classrooms tablet, not through personal phones. We are going to start using Brightwheel in a few weeks so that we can become familiar with the program prior to opening the daycare.
  • Much of our play environment will look the same. We are moving to a more Montessori based program and we are looking forward to the new learning opportunities it will provide us with. We have already switched out some of our current plastic toys with wooden ones and we will continue to do so.
  • Major field trips will be on hold until we get some more vans. We are car seat crazy around here and could not imagine renting buses to take the kids on field trips without properly installed car seats. We will still take trips to local parks and we will be bringing field trips to us for the time being. We have begun planning a yoga program with Lahari Yoga studio (one building over from us) and can’t wait to hear their program plan!Big change but good change is on the horizon.

    Talk soon,