It’s been quite the year and just now I feel like I have a moment to catch my breath. Well, not quite a moment…a few seconds so I’ll be brief!

Tot Spot Academy has had an amazing year. In the past 14 months, we grew our Tot Spot Academy family from 8 kids to 46, and increased our teachers from 2 to 9. It has been a rollercoaster, adventure and wonderful journey thus far. We’ve hatched chickens, hosted bunnies, welcomed Santa and Mrs. Claus, enjoyed visits from local community members, stretched during our weekly yoga and gotten our groove on during our weekly music program, giggled, gotten messy, engaged in deep play, built relationships and grown both as a unit and as individuals.

Somehow, amongst all of our regular program planning, daily events and excitement we managed to complete the full Accreditation program in just under six months. I’m not sure how we pulled it off but the ladies I get to spend my days with are amazing. Even our Accrediting officer explained that she didn’t go into our inspection expecting us to pass as we were just “too new” of a daycare; needless to say she was pleasantly surprised.

The day that we opened, our Landlord approached us asking us to take another unit within our space but there wasn’t a need for us to expand…yet. Fast forward to this past spring when we realized that we were sending a group of our Tots off to Kindergarten and come September 2018 we were going to need an option for Out of School Care. This week we opened phase 2 of Tot Spot Academy and it is a beautiful space. It is a lot like building a house; you get better at the process and have a better idea of what you want each time you do it – plus we worked with the most amazing interior designer! This expansion has been wonderful for many reasons; the main reason is it allows us to further break up the age groupings of our tots.

Now, instead of the traditional groupings:

  • 12 – 18 months (babies)
  • 19 months – 3 years (toddlers)
  • 3 – 5 years (preschoolers)

We have 5 groups of children:

  • 11 – 16 months (babies)
  • 16 months – 24 months (junior toddlers)
  • 24 months – 3 years (senior toddlers)
  • 3 years – 4 years (junior preschoolers)
  • 4 years – 5 years (senior preschoolers)

The smaller age groupings allow us to further individualize and personalize our programming. It makes it easier to break into small groups, meet the needs of each child and make the most of our days together.

Early this winter, we are welcoming more children into our Tot Spot family and hiring a fabulous chef to take over all of the cooking.

Below are some photos of the new center: