Our goal is to encourage continued independence and build critical thinking

Age Group
10 - 19 MONTHS
Class Size

Pre-School Room

Children aged 3¬†years –¬†Kindergarten

Our Preschool Room is designed to facilitate learning opportunities, encourage continued independence and build upon skill building and critical thinking.

The Preschool Room follows a daily schedule which allows predictability and routine within the room. Preschoolers actively participate in circle which includes stories, rhymes, finger plays, puppet shows, calendar, star student and direct concept teaching experiences.

The Preschool Room has a weekly theme which facilitates learning and play. Sensory and dramatic play comprises a large portion of the day in Preschool Room. Preschools also engage in direct teaching of Preschool concepts such as letters, phonemic awareness, numerous, shapes colors, etc.


Our Daycare teachers are friendly and love caring for young babies

Play Areas

Our play areas are designed with engaging, new, clean toys that are both stimulating and open ended


All of the staff are trained in Early Education, Child Development or have previous childcare experience


Our care providers take part in regular professional development to continue learning about best practices in childcare


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Each room follows a daily schedule which includes circle time and other learning experiences

Classroom Facilities

The Preschool room is equipped with cubbies inside the room which promotes independence as the children dress and change themselves before heading outdoors. Children have access to their belongings and begin to take responsibility for keeping their things organized. The bathrooms are located just down the hall from our Preschool Room.


The Preschool Room is the last stop before children head off to Kindergarten and we strive to ensure that all of the children have the necessary skills and abilities to be successful at school. Our main focus is building critical thinking and problem solving skills. These skills build the foundation for all other learning experiences.

At Preschool Time, the children work in small groups or 1:1 with their teacher on concepts and skills such as: printing their first and last name, identifying letter names and sounds, shapes, colors, counting, patterning, etc.

Important concepts and skills are also targeted throughout the day in a variety of ways such as during dramatic play, Montessori trays, open-ended activities and conversation with classroom teachers.


Preschoolers continue to develop their independence and critical thinking skills through open-ended toys, dramatic play stations, interactions with childcare providers and other learning opportunities. The Preschool Room has a weekly theme which incorporates a variety of activities, crafts and themes.

We are currently working with a local Yoga studio to develop a Preschool Yoga program. Preschoolers develop their baking and cooking skills and engage in sensory bin play.

Toys in the Preschool Room are rotated regularly.


Preschoolers continue to develop deeper friendships and bonds with their classmates. Staff actively works to demonstrate and encourage inclusive behavior. Staff allows children to begin to solve disputes and disagreements with their friends and offers support if needed.



Parents receive daily information and feedback in the form of reminders, pictures and notes through the Brightwheel App. This app is private and confidential and images and notes are loaded through classroom tablets.