Thank you for the opportunity to provide you feedback on the services you provide as our day home and more so for the opportunity to potentially share our experiences and thoughts with others who ultimately want the same as us – nothing but the best for their kids.

No matter who we talk to, there is nothing but positive things that we can say about Tot Spot Academy and the care that they have provided to our daughter.  There is nothing that can replace a feeling of knowing your child is in a safe, inviting, enriching and stimulating environment. The curriculum and schedule followed maintains a fantastic structure and also ensures a great mixture of playtime, quiet time and programs that leave me nothing short of amazed with what is being learned as we have watched our daughter literally change from a 3 month old that was dropped off for temporary care to a 3 year old that attends full time and shares stories of her day.  To have any opportunity to share our experiences and our good fortune of having such fantastic child care is something I welcome and would ultimately encourage any parent to look into Tot Spot Academy for their own children.