The ‘Toddler Room’ is designed to promote independence and critical thinking

Age Group
Class Size

The Toddler Room

Children aged 19 months – 3 years

Once comfortable with Tot Spot Academy, children enter the toddler room. Here they are encouraged to explore their independence, build upon their current knowledge and expand their skills. The Toddler Room is also equipped with baby carriers which allow toddlers who want to be carried to be carried. The toddler room has ample, open-ended toys and a dramatic play center that rotates based on the weekly theme. Our toddler program is evolving and based on the interests of the children in the room.

The Toddler Room follows a daily schedule which allows predictability and routine within the room. Toddlers actively participate in circle which includes stories, rhymes, finger plays, puppet shows and direct concept teaching experiences. Our toddlers are encouraged to participate in arts and craft time. Some of our projects are step-by-step in which each completed project looks similar while other projects are “open-ended” and the toddlers are encouraged to explore the materials in any way that they want.

Tot Spot Academy loves sensory experiences and believes that they should be a part of everyday learning. Our Toddler Room as a sensory bin which rotates between a variety of materials and toys such as a corn farm unit, black bean Halloween bin, kinetic sand ice-cream shop, water play, etc.


Our Daycare teachers are friendly and love caring for young babies

Play Areas

Our play areas are designed with engaging, new, clean toys that are both stimulating and open ended


All of the staff are trained in Early Education, Child Development or have previous childcare experience


Our care providers take part in regular professional development to continue learning about best practices in childcare


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Each room follows a daily schedule which includes circle time and other learning experiences

Classroom Facilities

The Toddler Room has an in-room change table and hand washing sink. Toddlers nap in the toddler room with a noise machine and darkened room. Caregivers remain in the room at nap time. Toddlers are encouraged to nap on cots.

Training toilets are available for children who are in the beginning stages of toilet training. Children who are ready for toilet training are taken to the bathroom at regular intervals.


The Toddler Room follows a daily schedule which allows predictability and routine within the room. Toddlers engage in circle time which includes songs, stories, rhymes and finger plays. Toddlers are introduced to a variety of child-led and structured crafts.

Toddlers are introduced to early phonemic awareness and numeracy skills. They begin to recognize and print their own names.


Toddlers build their independence and problem solving skills through open-ended toys, dramatic play stations, interactions with their care providers and learning opportunities. The Toddler Room has a weekly theme which incorporates a variety of activities, craft and songs.

Toddlers begin to develop early baking and cooking skills and engage in sensory bin play.

Toddlers are encouraged to develop their own independence by getting themselves ready to go outside, washing themselves after eating, participating in classroom clean up and monitoring their own belongings. Staff promote independence by offering help after attempts are made.

Toys in the toddler room are rotated regularly


The toddlers build upon their current relationships with both their caregivers and other children within the room. Children are encouraged to use gentle hands, interact and engage with their caregivers and parallel play with their classmates.

Play moves from solitary play into parallel play. Caregivers work to help facilitate friendships.

Parent Updates


Parents receive daily information and feedback in the form of reminders, pictures and notes through the Brightwheel App. This app is private and confidential and images and notes are loaded through classroom tablets.